Our Class Offerings

Preschool I-& II- designed for 3 & 4 year olds. 

*Both classes will teach children how to be creative with their imagination using their bodies through creative movements. They are a combination class incorporating both ballet techniques and tap rhythms. Focusing on the development of gross motor skills and coordination, your tiny dancer will build confidence and develop a love of dance in a nurturing environment.

Combo I- designed for 5 & 6 year old students. Combo II-designed for 6 & 7 year old students.

*Both classes, as well as enforcing the basics learned in the preschool levels, will also be a prerequisite before entering into a more serious level of dance training.

**Preschool and Combo classes are all 1 hour in length consisting of ½ hour of tap dance and ½ of ballet dance. Students perform a tap routine for the dance recital.


*Classes let the students experiment with different techniques and rhythms, while focusing on musicality and creativity.


*Classes teach students how to use different parts of the body through isolation. Jazz helps strengthen each individual’s core while building flexibility and strength. 


*Classes are the foundation of all three types of dance, without it, students find it difficult to comprehend certain techniques and skills. It also teaches students how to be “graceful” and “light on their feet”.


*Classes are for the more experienced dancer who has completed years and years of strong technical training in the ballet field. Students will only be permitted in this class as per the discretion of the teacher.


*Classes are designed to incorporate both jazz and ballet styles of dance. This specific style of dance has a twist of modern movement which allows the body to tell a unique yet fulfilling story!


*Classes, unlike gymnastics, teach students not only coordination, strength, flexibility, and tumbling skills, but it also incorporates dance technique into the exercise.


Hip Hop is a class that is not as regimented as the other classes. It consists of all the latest moves and music found on television, music videos, and many Broadway and off-Broadway performances.

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