About Us


About Miss Nancy

Nancy Ashton has been dancing for just about 40 years. At a young age, Nancy began touring with DeLaWo Productions, based out of New York City. She traveled all over the country with "On the Move" productions performing at extravagant events as well as performing with Twisted Records as a backup dancer. Nancy has performed and competed in many dance competitions and conventions most of which landed her on television. Some of her more national television debuts included being a dance team member of two NBA teams; the New York Knicks and the New Jersey Nets, and dancing for MTV's The Grind. Throughout all of Miss Nancy's dancing career, she has found being in the studio is where she should be, but above all this...she is a proud mother, and that is the most rewarding job of all!!


Studio Goals

Our studio will instill self esteem and self confidence into our students. Making them feel good about themselves, and giving them a sense of accomplishment. At Infinite Energy Dance Factory, we let our students know that it's okay to make mistakes, everybody does, but not to give up trying; practice makes perfect, determination leads to success!


Giving Back To The Community

Infinite Energy Dance Factory is not a competition-based studio. Our dancers will use their talent to give back and spread cheer throughout the community. For example, we will participate in charitable events such as dancing at adult nursing homes, collecting donations for The Ronald McDonald House as well as participating in the Make-A-Wish Foundation to raise money for children in need.